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Free cross stitch patterns

Hi all

If you're interested in free cross stitch patterns with no sign up or registration, here you go:
Yiotas XStitch 

happy stitching :-)
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Ok, i got all giddy there for a second looking at that page...

Then I realized the free patterns were actually at http://yiotas-xstitch.com/osCommerce/freebies.php

Those aren't really my style, but thanks for posting the link! I love finding new freebie sites! :)
Cool! Thanks for the link! I love their selection on their purchase patterns, I just wish I was in the UK so I could buy them! The fine art ones are awesome!
On the far right side, there's a box that has the currency prices. Helped me a lot. In the "Shipping & Returns" section, the site offers a download option so that could make things a bit easier.