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Stitching technique and applied strategies

Question for you, my fellow cross-stitching LJ'ers.

I'm justtrying to get a better idea of some effective stitching techniques inan effort to possibly develop my skills a little more in this craft.I'm sure that everyone has their own way, just like everything else inlife. I'm merely wondering if it's really just a matter of preference,but I'm truly interested in hearing about what works for you.

So, how do YOU go about assembling (and ultimately completing) your projects?

Doyou start from the center and work your way out? Most of thekits/patterns I've seen have this as a recommended starting point. Thisis the method I currently use, personally. It's a little odd startingwith a blob of color in the middle of the fabric, but it's kinda coolto watch things take shape.

Do you start from an edge/corner andwork your way across/up/down? I've seen a bunch of 'work in progress'shots that leverage this method, wondering how folks like/dislike itand curious as to the rationale for using it, even if it's justpersonal preference.

Or does your starting point really notmatter, and it simply varies based on the pattern, what type of moodyou're in, or phase of the moon?

Do you work with multiplecolors/needles? Or do you just do one color at a time, given whateversection of the pattern you're working on? Kind of like "Hey,there's a bunch of white in this section, I'll get that done/use upthis particular length of floss before I move onto the next color." At least I do know to work my patterns/sections from lightest color to darkest, so maybe I'm not a total lost cause.

Doyou work on it a little bit everyday? Or are you more of a marathoner,stitching for hours on end, with long breaks in between stitchingsessions?

Thanks in advance, I'm looking forward to hearing (well, READING) what everyone has to share.

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