Christina (trenthamfamily) wrote in xstitchptrnxcng,

Creative Weekend :)

It's interesting what you can do with an 8 year old and no chart!

Little background: At Kaytlyn's 8th birthday dinner she brought a little joke book to the table and we all played along with her. Well only one joke really stood out and made her Grandma just laugh so...

I had an idea to turn the joke into a cross stitch and Kaytlyn designed the clock for me on graph paper. She had me petite stitch the mice and this is what we ended up with after 2 days of work!

I used 310 black for the lettering, 300 for the clock and some blending filament I had from Firedance for the gold in the clock. I think the mice were 535 or some nice gray color. Done on white 28 count evenweave.

What was exciting though was finishing it (almost) and knowing I never used a chart, just winging it... you can kind of tell though with the word 'one' but that's okay.

I need to have her look at it and tell me if she wants anything more on to it. I think it looks okay like this but it might be missing something.
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